Absolutely! You can bring as many pages as you’d like to any Protrack session, and your mentor will read your pages during your session time (at no charge of course) either to themselves or aloud with you. When bringing pages with you, keep in mind the right balance of reading time and discussion time, and make sure to let your mentor know how you’d like to make best use of your session.  How many pages are included with my session?

The goal of ProTrack is for your mentor to read and give you guidance on every page you write, and every draft you complete. Generally, ProTrack memberships include 10 pages of free advanced reading by your mentor each session, to allow deep feedback as you work through your script, as well as full reads you can use at any time, so that you can structural feedback and shape the process to your project and goals.

If you’ve already finished a draft or a big part of a draft, we recommend that you redeem a full read, and submit what you’ve written to your mentor before your first session, so that they can give you notes within the context of what you’re building.

If you’re early in the draft, or starting from the blank page, we recommend submitting 1-10 pages with each session, and then redeeming a full read when you complete a draft and are ready for structural feedback.

How do I check how many pages are included in my sessions, how many full reads I have remaining, or how much additional pages cost with my mentor?

You can refer to your ProTrack agreement, or just click your page submission link. All the details are right on the online form. Having trouble? Just call the studio! 

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