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What if I don't want to submit pages?
What if I don't want to submit pages?

There is no requirement for page submissions! Here are some alternatives.

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Don’t have pages to submit in advance? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll be happy to turn off those pesky reminders. Your ProTrack session can be used in whatever way is most valuable for you, including: 

  • Your mentor can provide you with writing exercises specific to your needs during the session. 

  • You can review and further develop the theme, characters, or structure of your current script.

  • You can bring pages with you to read during your session.

  • You can practice pitching your project.

  • You can generate new story ideas.

  • You can learn new skills that build your craft.

  • You can ask questions on any writing topic.

  • You can discuss and clarify your personal writing goals. 

  • You can ask for advice on career development. 

  • You can work on exercises to keep writer’s block at bay. 

  • Or anything else that would bring value to your writing!

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